Upcoming Trainings

Monthly CEB Tsanga
Monthly chance to practice CEB with brief guided meditations, emotion related talk and small group emotion mapping and reflection.
When: 2nd Sunday of every month, 7:30pm – 9:30pm (next Tsanga is Feb 12th, March 12th and April 9th)
Where: Against the Stream, 2701 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA
No Registration Required, Drop In

Embodied Emotional Awareness
A day long opportunity to reflect, connect and learn new tools. We begin with a quiet morning of guided meditation practices and reflective writing and transition to an  afternoon of discussion and emotion mapping workshop.
When: Saturday February 25th, 10:00am – 4:00pm
Where: Against the Stream, 2701 Folsom St., San Francisco, CA
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From Craving to Liberation: Understanding Emotions Inside and Out
We will build conceptual knowledge of Buddhist psychology, understand the science of emotions, empathy, and burnout through guided meditation, classic text and group work co-taught with Dave Smith.
When: Saturday April 29th, 10:00am – 4:00pm
Where: Against the Stream, 1001a Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA
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Cultivating Emotional Balance ( 8 Week Training)
This is the full CEB course, DEEP DIVE in to meditations, science of emotion and group work over 8 evening sessions and a daylong retreat.
When: Tuesdays, March 7th – April 25th, 6:30pm – 9:00pm, Daylong April 1st
Where: UCSF Osher Center, 1545 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA
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Upcoming Retreats

CEB Retreat
This is an  AWESOME opportunity to truly deepen (or begin) your meditation and emotional awareness practices in a peaceful retreat center set amid the natural beauty of a redwood valley in Boulder Creek with Tenzin Chogkyi and Ryan Redman.
When: March 16th-21st
Where: Vajrapani Institute for Wisdom Culture, Boulder Creek.
Sign-up: Pre-registration and more information here.

CEB Reunion and Founders Weekend
This weekend event will include scientific and contemplative lectures  and break out workshops tracing the history of CEB starting in Dharm Sala in 2000 through to present day research and training. Esteemed founding CEB faculty Paul Ekman and Alan Wallace are joined by accomplished mindfulness researcher Shauna Shapiro, mindfulness in education leader Ryan Redman and CEB trainer and researher Eve Ekman. Join this outstanding line up as they share the cumulative wisdom of decades of research, practice, and theory in the field.
When: June 14th-16th
Where: 1440 Multiversity Scotts Valley, CA
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Our FIRST teacher reunion for trained CEB teachers from across the world. This opportunity to reunite with a supportive community of CEB teachers and trainers will provide creative new methods for sharing CEB. This is lead by Eve Ekman, PhD, Ryan Redman, MS, and Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi.
Where: 1440 Multiversity Scotts Valley, CA
Sign-up: More here (restricted to CEBTT trainees)

Stress and Burnout Expedition with the Atlas of Emotions
The course includes conceptual contemplative theory of balance, guided meditations, psychologically grounded education of emotion and applied individual and group practices of mapping our emotions with a special focus of working with our over arousal of emotions, chronic stress and burnout.
When: July 21st-23rd
Where: Garrison Institute Upstate New York!
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Online Training Resources

I have a series of brief recorded meditations, 3-10minutes freely available on Soundcloud.
For more information on a variety of mind body and meditation practices explore Mind Body Matters
(compiled by my awesome research assistant Jocleyn Lai).




Ongoing Training


Cultivating Emotional Balance

Cultivating Emotional Balance is a 42 hour, secular, emotion and mindfulness skills training designed to help participants improve emotional life through the cultivation of constructive emotional experiences, decrease destructive emotional experiences and developing mental balance. The training is drawn from Western scientific research on emotions and traditional Eastern attention focus (Shamatha) and contemplative (Four Immeasurables), practices.CEBTT_2012_Group

CEB includes emotion skills, contemplative practices in compassion and mindfulness meditation training designed to improve emotional regulation that can provide stress reduction and enhance interpersonal communication taught through first person exercises, group discussion and dyadic exercises along side technology assisted daily emotion tracking and guided mindfulness practices.

Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) was born during a Mind & with the Dalai Lama in 2000 and tested for efficacy with a randomized control study published in the peer-reviewed journal Emotion, 2011.




Dr. Paul Ekman founded the Paul Ekman Group (PEG), when he retired from UCSF where he has been a professor for nearly forty years, in order to translate his research findings into practical tools that would equip anyone to lead a more skillful emotional life and also to enable those in law enforcement to more accurately spot lies during interrogations. His training tools on emotional skills have been used by teachers, therapists, physicians, salespersons, nurses, corporate executives, from dozens of countries. His daughter Eve Ekman, develops emotion and stress related trainings for PEG.



Past Trainings

CEBTT 2015, New South Wales, Australia

CEBTT 2014, Holy Isle Scotland

CEBTT 2013, Mexico

CEBTT 2010-2012 Thanyapura Mind Center, Thailand

CEB training in Bangalore and Delhi, India December 2015
Attentamente Mexico City, Guadlajara, Novemeber 2015 and January 201




































Mind and Its Potential Australia, November 2014

Greater Good Teacher Training 2013

Manhattan Beach, California, Erickson Foundation, Couples Conference, 2013

Mexico City, Casa de Tibet/Attentamente for School Teachers , 2013

Santa Clara Trail Lawyers Association, 2012

Happiness and Its Causes, Australia 2011 and upcoming 2013

National University of Singapore, 2011 & 2012


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