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Current Work: SPRUCE, Supporting Provider Resilience by Upping Compassion and Empathy.


The SPRUCE curriculum draws on Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) is an evidenced based training drawing from western scientific and eastern contemplative psychology that develops knowledge, theory and skills for sustainable emotional awareness. A CEB training targeted for residents will build healthy emotional boundaries that enable the practice of empathic, compassionate medicine while avoiding burnout.

CEB includes emotion skills, contemplative practices in compassion and mindfulness meditation training designed to improve emotional regulation that can provide stress reduction and enhance interpersonal communication taught through first person exercises, group discussion and dyadic exercises along side technology assisted daily emotion tracking and guided mindfulness practices.

Dissertation:Inside Insight, Opportunities for Meaning, Empathy and the Obstacles of Stress: An Exploratory Study and Pilot Training Among Juvenile Justice Officers

Human service workers care for vulnerable client populations across health care, education and criminal justice. These jobs require interpersonal interactions with clients who are often struggling and suffering. These interpersonally challenging jobs hold the potential to elicit feelings of reward and satisfaction but can also be emotionally draining and lead to chronic work stress. While research and intervention for their clients is ongoing, research and intervention to manage the burdens of chronic work stress still requires a great deal of attention. This dissertation studies the feasibility of a pilot stress reduction training developed specifitcally for Juvenile Justice officers working in San Mateo County.

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